When we strive to make a lasting change in our health and bodies what’s the real motivation? Looking better in a swimsuit? Pleasing the people around us? Conforming to what we’re told is beautiful?

But what does God say about health and weight loss? Have we had the answers all along? 

Grit + Grace: Habits taps into the transformational power of God’s Word by bringing in meaningful, intentional, healthy habits. What does God say about water? About nourishment? What does He say about stress and worry?

Finding spiritual meaning and connection can help the habits you create finally stick. God wants you to be healthy. To be happy. To be WHOLE. Are you ready to listen?

The 28 Day Transformation Challenge pairs 7 Teaching Modules with a 21 Day Prayer Guide, Daily Journal, and access to an Exclusive G + G Newsletter for only $37. For the first week you’ll work through modules rooted in the words of the Bible, establishing the habits you need to find real transformation. Over the next 21 days, you’ll put those habits into practice alongside other women just like you in our Grit + Grace Newsletter Community.

Are you ready for a


Grit + Grace: Habits

Creating Healthy Habits based in the Word of God.